Alex bee 2019
Bee on a pear tree that I planted in Oxford, England

Welcome. My name is Marian. I live in Wellington New Zealand.

I write all morning.  After lunch I read, garden or go to the movies. Or, if I’m not working on a first draft, I spend time with mates.

Sometimes I make short films and comics. Here’s one called Mouse, which features my garden.

I’ve started Bee-Loved to accompany my Bee-Loved Flowers project, to grow and distribute flower plants that benefit bees, from untreated heritage seeds. I’m doing my very best to ensure  that the plants are free from contact with Neonics and Other Nasties – from the seeds I source, in the soil where I plant them (organic feeding only for 30 years) and from the air (by not-always-successful negotiation with neighbours and the local council).

When I started to take care of  council land that adjoins mine and borders a public pathway – the much-used zigzag that passes my house – I planted more flowers; and fruit and vegetables for anyone to eat. Neighbours have made similar commitments to other areas on the zigzag. So Bee-Loved is about that too.

As I learn more about bees and other pollinators, my interests have broadened. And the problems with our little sanctuary have made me interested in other bee sanctuaries.

I also have Pinterest pages about bees and about this project.

You can read more about me and my other work here.

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Bees & Bee-Loved Flowers. A Global View From New Zealand.

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