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A Bumble Bee Dies. A Wild Bee (?) Visits.

I opened the mail box, out on the path to the zigzag. And found this dead young bumble.

dead bee

Suffocated, perhaps, by a parcel that arrived today. So sad. Once I’d have hardly noticed.

In happier news, dill in a neighbouring plot on the zigzag  has flowered. The bumbles love it.

bee on dill flower
bumble bee on dill flower

And the happiest news? I think a wild bee visited the daisies.

wild bee (?) and daisy

Wild bees are rare now, because of the varroa mite. See how different this bee is from the honey bee I saw the other day?

honey bee in calendula
honey bee & calendula

We have very limited bee diversity in New Zealand. So if a wild bee visits, it’s pretty special I reckon. Something to celebrate.

And I should also celebrate this book that was in the parcel that may have suffocated the bee. It includes a chapter I wrote on New Zealand women directors– 4000 words that took a while, but I was so absorbed by the dead bee that I dumped the book on a shelf among other books, without opening it. Without celebration. This bee-loved flower quest has changed me.

new book

It’s raining a bit now. At last. Whew. I hope it rains all day.

Regardless, I’m off to see Ava DuVernay’s Selma this arvo. A film for activist communities of all kinds, that’s for sure.