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Honey from the Cameron Family Farms


Greytown , in the Wairarapa, is about an hour away by train. I visited for a treat, with two film-loving and feminist mates.


Greytown is old and beautiful, with amazing shops. I loved Emporos & Just William, where there were ceramic and other kitchen things, children’s books and toys and (yes!)  restored garden tools.


We visited Rachel Priestley’s La Pancetta, an Italian wine bar, deli and restaurant, where I stocked up on some of her deli meats and her olive oil (lots of olive groves in the Wairarapa).


In another shop I lusted after leather armchairs from Italy. Later,  I bought a New Zealand version of a French walnut opener.


James Cameron (former husband of  Kathryn Bigelow and director of Avatar etc) and his family have settled in the Wairarapa and run the Cameron Family Farms. We had lunch at their Food Forest Organics cafe and shop, which has accommodation attached if you want to spend the night.


We ate lunch outside, round the back.


It was lovely. And the gardens were dry. Like mine. And many of the plantings were the same.


Not a lot of bees.


But there were some wonderful honey products in the shop. Vegan lip balm, even! (I know some people don’t view bee products as vegan. I’m not sure I do either, but I’m not a vegan so what do I know?)

I loved these little bee soaps.


And as for the honey… It’s ages since I’ve seen honey comb on sale.


I bought some premium manuka honey. All gone now. It was delicious. Full of nutrients. A meal in itself. But I think they need a round jar, because it was impossible to reach the honey in the corners.